Scratch Cat

What is this game (scratch cat) about?
Scratch Cat is a game where you are a cat and you need to jump between clouds on each level to get points.
Once you get the required amount of points to unlock a level, the cat will say 'Level (no.) Unlocked!'
The clouds get faster and faster while you go inbetween the levels.

How Many levels are there?
There are six + an infinite level when you click to play the game, here is the level screen.

Level Menu
The blue box in the corner displays your username unless, you're not signed in.

Oh cool, how do I play this game?
I'm glad you asked, you need to be on anything that is a modern up-to-date web browser. Internet explorer won't work unfortunatly :( If you want to play, Click Here!

I hope you like my game! It took a few weeks to complete, but I think I have done a good job 😁

UPDATE: I am currently working on a level thingy where, for example this version is too easy. You can play on a harder difficulty! And scratch enabled embeded links again so here you go!

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